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Free Public Lecture

September 5, 2014

8:00 p.m.

Local High School Students Geo-visualizing Community Issues

Mariana Ramirez, Social Science Teacher, and Students from

Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy, Roosevelt High School

Meet the newest class of 21st Century LA Geographers, the students of the Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School.  In addition to their required coursework these students participate in a collaborative research project, where they observe problems in their community and find solutions utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Their projects map data on the differences that exist between their inner-city neighborhood and wealthier areas of greater LA, highlighting the disparities in everything from per-student funding and graduation rates to exposure to visual pollution and brownfield sites.  The theme of the projects change each year.  Students have investigated topics ranging from environmental justice to health and wellness, to Visual Pollution, to Food Deserts, to Educational Equity, to PTSD, to Teen Criminalization, etc.  Using GIS to note geographic data patterns these students have come to understand the role of science in addressing local issues and in making a difference in their community.

The Magnet Academy and the students’ GIS Projects receive funding, GIS software and personnel support from the i.am.angel Foundation and ESRI.  Their research findings have been presented at the ESRI International Users Conference, and the Los Angeles GeoSpatial Summit.  This past May one of their students was invited to represent Roosevelt High School and GIS Education at the annual White House Science fair in Washington, DC.  On Friday they will be sharing their recent research findings and experiences with us.

Los Angeles City College

Science and Technology Building

855 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90029

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